New Rides For The 2019 Season

Ride enthusiasts from around the world will have a new reason to visit Luna Park in Coney Island this summer.

We welcomed two new rides, the Atlantic Aviator, and Clockworkz. Making its global debut, Clockworkz boasts a height of 33 feet and this innovative family thrill ride rotates on a vertical axis while its arms swing in circular motions with speeds up to 13 RPM. Each clock’s arm moves in opposite directions while taking riders on an amazing journey through the air. Clockworkz includes eight seats that will hold four passengers each in an upright position, thrilling riders each time they’re at the top of the arch.


Also new to Luna Park in Coney Island is the Atlantic Aviator, an imaginative new ride that takes the thrill of the Air Race to new heights. With a height of 51 feet and speeds up to 25 RPM, the Atlantic Aviator replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic airplane flight, with loops and dives that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers. Riders will spin in the air as the hub travels up the 50 feet tower delivering excitement and thrill from start to finish. Accommodating up to 24 riders across six, four-seater yellow and red airplanes, the new thriller combines speed and rotation with a motor driven arm that creates a real-life pilot-like experience.

Come visit us and experience the thrills for yourself.

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