An Exciting Opportunity for Fundraising in New York City

The search for a successful way to raise money for your organization or charity has come to an end. At Luna Park, it’s our mission to help you achieve your goals by supplying two fun ways to fundraise. Whether you are planning a big annual event to raise money for your charity or you are looking for a sustainable program for keeping the donations rolling in, we have the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Luna Park’s Voucher Program Puts the FUN in Fundraiser


Instead of selling candy bars this year, stoke the giving spirit with an incentive your entire community can get excited about. Luna Park offers special park vouchers to charitable organizations at discount rates, so the more you sell the greater the profits.

Perfect for sports leagues, religious organizations, youth groups and more, our voucher sales program is a straightforward way to raise money for a worthy cause.

  • – Vouchers are sold in blocks of 100
  • – The balance due will be equivalent to the amount of vouchers sold minus the amount of vouchers returned (minimum 100 tickets)
  • – Price category will be based on the amount of tickets sold, not the amount of tickets issued (discounts accumulate)
  • – Final payment must be paid before Vouchers are activated

Looking for a profitable place to hold a charity event in NYC? Interested in enrolling in our voucher fundraising program?

Contact group sales with the form below and schedule your fundraiser at Luna Park today!

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