Halloween Harvest 2019

Halloween Harvest 2019


Sep 28 2019

6 comments on “Halloween Harvest 2019

  • What are the hours for the weekend of September 28th/29th? They are posted for the other days but when I click on that date it brings me to this flyer, which does not show the times. I am interested in ride times and any additional cost for the Halloween activities. Thanks so much

  • Rabindra Persaud says:

    For the past five years, I was working as a pedicab driver in downtown Orlando, Florida. I worked different Halloween events giving bike taxi ride back and forth from the events. It was very enjoyable for me to dress up as a bear and socialize with my customers., so Iwould like to continue to do so.

  • Sheila Echeverria says:

    I purchased a ticket for my daughter for today, she’s not feeling well to attend. Are the tickets refundable or can I use for another date?

  • Erminia Purrone says:

    went to coney island 10/12/2019 with my girls and goddaughter saw a flyer for something Halloween for 20.00 but the park was closing as we got there late.

  • Billy Amaro says:

    Luna park is always fun for family and friends, this will be my first Halloween Harvest with the children, they look forward to it..


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