Coney Clipper Adds New Dueling Feature

Yo ho ho! Luna Parks favorite pirate ship is getting an upgrade.

Come show us your loudest “Arrr!” on The Coney Clipper this weekend when we unveil a brand new interactive game on the ride.Climb on deck with your mateys and get ready for a shouting showdown.

When the Luna Park crew battens down the hatches and the ride sets sail, each side of the ship will compete against each other to show off their excitement! You and your crew must scream your loudest sea-chanty to win. Each sides volume will be measured by a high-tech system, so you have to be sure to shout your loudest!

Coney Clipper Galleon

Whichever sides excitement is heard all the way in Davey Jones’ Locker will be the winner. Give it your all, or else you may have to walk the plank! The winning side will get all the pirates booty, which of course is bragging rights. Compete against your friends, family, or just your fellow park patrons.

Come down to Luna Park and experience this one of a kind interactive thrilling game. The new system begins its voyage on July 12th, only at Luna Park in Coney Island.

Coney Clipper Galleon

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