Children of Promise

Alessandro Zamperla watches a presentation at CPNYC with children and teens participating in the CPNYC programing.

You know the deal, in 2018 we began our “Charity Day” tradition where we reduce our ride admission prices and donate all proceeds to an organization that is helping our community move toward a better future. This year we selected Children of Promise, NYC  because of its commitment to helping children and teens of incarcerated parents who are often forgotten about and left behind in our communities. Part of CAI’s mission is to create more joy for our entire community, through shared fun experiences, employment opportunities, education and empowerment, and through the promoting and supporting organizations that are making a positive difference in our community every day.

“Everyone at CPNYC was thrilled to be included in such an important day at Luna Park. It helps our children immensely to know that an organization like Luna Park and their staff see them, value them, and want to support them in building a healthy and productive future for themselves,” said Sharon Content, President of Children of Promise, NYC.

“We are so grateful to have partnered with Children of Promise, NYC this year, and to greatly benefit the families who are a part of the amazing organization,” said Alessandro Zamperla, President of Central Amusement International. “We also want to thank the local Brooklyn community for their overwhelming support on Charity Day and hope to continue this tradition in years to come.”

Alessandro Zamperla (right) answers questions from children participating in CPNYC.

On “Charity Day” 2019, guests received Luna Park in Coney Island unlimited rides wristbands for a donation of $10.00 and with those generous gifts we were able to raise $107,000 for Children of Promise, NYC.

Alessandro Zamperla (left) presents Sharon Content (right) with a check for $107,009.

CAI also provided children an teens registered in the CPNYC program with free visits to Luna Park in Coney Island through the CPNYC summer camp programs.



About Children of Promise:

Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) is a community based, non-profit organization, in Bedford-Stuyvesant

(Bed Stuy), Brooklyn, whose mission is to embrace the children of incarcerated parents and empower

them to break the cycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system. For more

information, please visit

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