It’s our mission to provide a safe, fun and inclusive family amusement park environment. We invite guests visiting Luna Park to review our disability capabilities and policies in order to best plan your day at the park.

Boarding Rides

Luna Park is dedicated to doing everything in our power to accommodate guests with disabilities who wish to enjoy our amusement park. With that in mind some, rides may not be accessible for people with disabilities or those for any reason unable to enter, transfer or exit attractions. For your safety, riding will be prohibited in any case where conditions are inappropriate and/or dangerous for use. For specific ride information, please visit Guest Services located within Luna Park.


Ride Entrances and Access

Guests with disabilities interested in participating in rides may visit Guest Services for additional information on specific attractions available to them. Restrictions for guests of certain heights, weights and body proportions are posted at applicable rides. On rides that are deemed safe to enjoy, a park representative and ride operators will assist in providing access to pre-determined attractions. Luna Park employees are not permitted to assist in physically transferring guests to and from rides.

Guests with restricted mobility riding with companions may wait in a nearby alternative location and are excused from remaining in line. When the party reaches the front of the line, the guest may then join their group and be provided a reasonable amount of time to board the attraction. This policy is intended to allow those in wheelchairs and with restricted mobility to enjoy rides with their friends and family without bypassing other guests who are also waiting in line.

Ride operators and park officials have the final say as to whether or not an attraction is safe to board for individuals. All riders choosing to participate in amusement rides and attractions in Luna Park accept any and all inherent risks.

Casts, Braces and Prosthetic Devices

Guests may be restricted from participating in rides where a cast, brace or prosthetic device does not fit or inhibits the restraint system, or in any case it presents a danger to the rider, other guests or presents a safety concern of any kind. Many of the thrill rides at Luna Park travel at high speeds and produce substantial g forces. Guests with prosthetics that may potentially become dislodged during a ride should contact Guest Services for information and assistance.

Parking for Disabled Guests

Luna Park does not have a dedicated private parking lot for visitors. Both metered and free parking is available along most streets. Regular New York City parking for motorists with disabilities rules apply. Guests may also find close and convenient commercial parking lots on West 17th Street at MCU Park and West 12th Street between Mermaid and Surf Ave, West 15th Street between the Boardwalk and Surf Ave and on Neptune Ave between West 12th and Stillwell Ave.

First Aid

Our First Aid Station is located adjacent to the front entrance of Luna Park and is staffed at all times during park operating hours by trained medical personnel. For questions about medications and on-site equipment, contact us ahead of time online or inquire upon arrival to the park. Guests requiring specific medications, such as an EpiPen or bee sting anaphylaxis kit, are urged to bring everything needed to the park with them and keep it in a place where it can be quickly accessed. In the case of a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately, in addition to alerting the nearest park representative.

Restroom Facilities

Restrooms located within Luna Park are reserved for paying customers and meet required guidelines for guests with disabilities. Restrooms reserved for family use are located by the Souvenir Store at West 10th Street and by Caroussell ride at Kensigton Walk.

Service Animals

Legally documented service animals are allowed within Luna Park. Service animals are limited to one per guest and all other animals are prohibited. Dogs or any other service animal trained to assist persons with disabilities must be fitted with an appropriate restraining device and remain in the control of its owner (or a member of the party) at all times. Service animals are not permitted on water rides. Most rides within Luna Park are not built to safety accommodate service animals.

For more information on park rules, safety messages and regulations, please review Luna Park’s Code of Conduct. If you have additional questions, please contact us online or visit us at Guest Services.

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