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zenobio A Fun Place to go in Brooklyn to Fall Head Over Heels!
NYC amusement park goers fall hard for this Luna Park thrill ride that has you doing somersaults. Grab your friends, get on board and brace yourself for a stimulating joyride high above Coney Island on the towering, two-armed Zenobio. Catch a glimpse of ocean, sand and sky as you’re swept 130 feet in the air at speeds over 60 mph traveling in consecutive rotations performing scream-inducing summersaults. This rousing ride makes it seem as if time stands still, as the Zenobio only comes to a halt when you’ve had your fill of thrill!

Ride Info

Credits for single rider12
Minimum height to ride48''

Warning! The Zenobio may result in uncontrollable laughter, the urge to scream and an unforgettable experience at the beach in Coney Island. Ride it today at Luna Park!