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B&B Carousell

carousell_2First built in 1906 and a fixture of Brooklyn amusement park culture dating to the 1930s, the B&B Carousell has the power to transport riders back to simpler times. Painstakingly restored to its original charm and beauty as the last of the great Coney Island carousels, this magical amusement is the centerpiece of the Steeplechase Plaza and a signature ride at Luna Park. So step right up, choose from one of 50 hand-carved wooden horses or two grand chariots, and bask in the graceful charm of old-world amusement park attractions in New York City’s original home for fun in the sun.

Ride Info

Credits needed 3
Minimum height to ride if alone42''
No minimum height to ride if accompanied

Both a work of art and timeless ride for kids of all ages, the B&B Carousell is among the most unique tourist attractions in NYC. Discover the place where the history of Coney Island meets the future on a visit to Luna Park today!