Extreme Thrill

As New York City’s first ever major steel roller coaster and the first of its kind, the Thunderbolt, made its worldwide debut in Coney Island in 2014. The new coaster pays homage to the historic Thunderbolt roller coaster that was originally built in 1925, operated into the early 80s and was demolished in 2000.
Although the steel marvel flaunts an historic name, it is distinctly different from its famous wooden predecessor. The bespoke coaster, currently showcased at Luna Park in Coney Island, is custom-crafted from steel, features a nine-seat car with a state-of-the-art restraint system, an audacious 90 degree drop, with inversions, turns, and enough G-force to captivate the most intrepid visitors. The impressive orange colored steel behemoth’s twisted layout erupts into the cityscape mesmerizing spectators from near and far. Experience the 2,233 feet of pure exhilaration, twists, bends, and plunges that thrusts Luna Park in Coney Island into the forefront of the future of amusement parks and casts a Thunderbolt into Coney Island history for a second time.


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