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We want you to have the best experience at Luna Park in Coney Island! Here are a few quick tips about our most used features.

How does the Luna Card work?

Luna Cards work like a pre-paid debit card, but instead of cash, you use Luna Credits!
Luna Cards can be used at rides, games and the select Dining locations.

100+25 BONUS credits = 125 credits. Enjoy all rides, games, and select food locations using Luna Credits!
Luna Cards can be used any day of the 2018 season.
Expires October 28, 2018.

Where can you inquire about a lost item?

You have a couple of options when inquiring about a lost item:

Do you have ATMS? Where are they located?

We have 5 ATMs located throughout the park:

  • Directly across from Guest Services near the main gate
  • Next to the Coney Island Cyclone ticket booth
  • Boardwalk Entrance to Luna Park near WindstarZ
  • Across from the Soarin’ Eagle
  • Place to Beach on the Boardwalk

Check your map for exact locations.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located across from Air Race (between the Wild River and Luna 360, as well as on the boardwalk across from Place to Beach.

How Does Luna Pass Work?

Our social media coordinator Michelle explains in this video most frequently asked questions about Luna Pass:


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