Family Fun Wristbands

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Family Fun Wristband

provides guests with the Luna Park in Coney Island experience. Guests enjoy 4 hours of  fun, thrill, and excitement! You must arrive at Luna Park in Coney Island at least 3 hours before the scheduled closing time.

Family Fun Wristbands provide unlimited access to Luna Park in Coney Island rides (see ride details for attraction height requirements).

ATTENTION: Family Fun Wristbands are date and  height specific.

Please select the 48″ and Above Family Fun Wristband for any guest 48 inches in height and above.

Please select the Under 48″ Family Fun Wristband for any guest under 48 inches in height.

Family fun Wristbands provide access to the following attractions:


  • Hang Glider
  • Aeromax
  • Atlantic Aviator
  • Brooklyn Barge
  • Brooklyn Flyer
  • Circus Candy
  • Circus Coaster
  • Clockworkz
  • Coney Clipper
  • Coney Tower
  • Convoy
  • Electro Spin
  • Fire Patrol
  • Grand Prix
  • Luna 360
  • Lynn’s Trapeze
  • Magic Bikes
  • Mini Mouse
  • Raibowheel
  • Seaside Swing
  • Speed Boat
  • Tea Party
  • Tickler
  • WindstarZ
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