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10172835514_98d3363033_kA Coney Island Water Ride That’s a Real BLAST!
Water Mania introduces a super fun cool-down attraction to Luna Park where riders of all ages have a wet and wild time. Hop in a four-seater car floating in a crystal-blue pool of water, wrap your fingers around your personal blaster and enjoy a Coney Island water ride where it’s soak or be soaked! It’s like an intense water pistol duel in spinning tea cups where targets are always changing, but watch out for sneak attacks as your friends and family use interactive cannons to squirt, spray and soak riders from the sideline.

Ride Info

Credits needed4
Minimum height to ride if alone48''
Minimum height to ride if accompanied36''

For everyone who loves to play with water to cool off on a sunny day, this family-friendly attraction is dripping with fun. Experience the newest Coney Island water ride at Luna Park today!