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The Tickler

the_tickler_2The Coney Island Coaster That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously
A steel roller coaster that’s as zany as its name, The Tickler is a thrilling amusement attraction for families and friends. Gather up your crew and settle into a half-moon shaped four-passenger car as it starts its deliberate climb towards the famous Coney Island Tillie Face sign. It’s a rib-tickling good time as you glide along an action-packed course full of over-the-edge-switchback turns, rapid-fire drops and dips and unexpected g-force-causing spins sure to leave you laughing.

Ride Info

Credits needed7
Minimum height to ride if alone48''
Minimum height to ride if accompanied42''

The Tickler captures the essence of visiting Coney Island, delivering a unique experience every trip that keeps you coming back. Ride it today at Luna Park!