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Brooklyn Flyer

rsz_2brooklyn_flyer_2Dance Across the Sky on a Whimsical Coney Island Attraction
Searching for thrill rides in New York City the entire family can enjoy? The Brooklyn Flyer is an uplifting experience that leaves you floating in the clouds. Grab your crew and jump aboard this towering attraction as you rise above historic Coney Island to heights of nearly 100 feet. A unique place for a birds-eye view, the Brooklyn Flyer sends you gracefully swinging through the atmosphere at varying levels in charming double-seat open-air chairs.

Ride Info

Credits needed7
Minimum height to ride if alone48"
Minimum height to ride if accompanied42"

Looking for a magical place to start your night in Brooklyn? Take a spin on Luna Park’s Brooklyn Flyer as it lights up the Coney Island nightlife like a brilliant neon star.