Luna Park strives to provide a safe, fun environment where you will experience everlasting memories. Within that mission, we are proud to support the community by providing donations to organizations, like charities, non-profit groups, church and school groups, and groups raising charitable funds.

Submit an application for a donation starting on February 1st. We stop accepting applications after August 31st. Luna Park must receive your application at least 4 weeks in advance to be considered for an event. Donation requests will only be accepted and responded to by e-mail. Within this e-mail, you must include:

  • Primary contact name with e-mail address and telephone number
  • A scanned copy of a 501c3 letter
  • Date of the event
  • Short description of the organization and its purpose
  • List of sponsorship benefits

Please contact us by e-mailing Info@LunaParkNYC.com to be considered!