Luna Park is an experience-a unique amusement park destination where the real and the fantastical blur together, where history blends with innovation under a patina of bright lights. Come. Experience the adventure with us.

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Whether you're spending the day or going on a single ride with options like our 4-Hour Unlimited Ride Wristband or Pay-Per-Ride Luna Park has plans to meet your budget and time.

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Plan your attack by viewing our map. Plan what rides and games you'll be visiting, where you'll meet up for lunch or where you'll be exploring Coney Island.

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Maybe you want to spend the whole day at Luna Park, or perhaps one ride catches your eye, regardless Luna Park offers options for any time and budget. With our 4-Hour Unlimited Ride Wristband or Pay-Per-Ride credits tailor your day how you see fit. Click the link for prices!

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Thunderbolt 130
Extreme thrill strikes Coney Island.


Luna Park's newest ride, the Thunderbolt is ready to take you for a spin. Learn about the first custom roller coaster in Coney Island since 1927 and put it on your 2015 list of "Must Do's!"

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