Air Race

High Thrill

The Ride That Takes Racing to the Skies
For visitors searching for Coney Island rides that serve up a unique experience, the Air Race delivers the thrills of intense aerial piloting. Grab your friends and climb aboard one of six uniquely designed four-seater aeroplanes and take off on a wild journey high above Luna Park. Feel the sensation of acrobatic flight like never before as you glide through a fluid series of banks and barrel rolls, upside down loops and 3g weightless dives. The first amusement attraction of its kind, the stimulating atmosphere of the Air Race is enough to keep even the most experienced thrill seekers on the edge of their seats!

If you are searching for someplace fun in NYC, a few loops on the Air Race are sure to make your hair stand on end. Head over to Luna Park today for the best selection of rides for kids of all ages!

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