Luna Park is Expanding!

They say good things come to those who wait and we’ve been anxiously waiting all year for this day!

Luna Park ,already known for its thrills and chills, is about to get a little more adventurous. For the 2019 and 2020 season, look out for a sprawling log flume ride, zip lines and a rope course will be constructed on vacant land between Surf Avenue and the boardwalk, between West 15th and West 16th streets.

1. A Splashing Flume Ride!

Located next to the historic Thunderbolt, CAI will transform a portion of the boardwalk into a massive new log flume. The ride will operate with 12 flume boats that can seat up to 6 guests at a time and will cool and move the crowds even on the hottest of summer days!  The log flume ride will provide guests a semi-circle panoramic route view of Coney Island before plunging down to a speed of over 30mph for the big splash! The log flume will make its debut in 2020

2.Calling All Acrobats!

This adventure area will debut soon, featuring a rope course for visitors to climb and enjoy breath-taking views on the boardwalk and ocean, connected to multiple zip line courses for all ages. This circus-themed area will consist of two distinct bodies: the entrance and the rope course. Guests can choose from 4 different routes based on their age and courage.  Course heights range from only 20” for children and up to 33’ height for the bravest of souls. Adding to the fun, the higher levels include two zip lines that connect the rope course with the entrance portal.


3. Timeless Excitement

This area will include a new open-air style eatery and entertainment area featuring food options in new, repurposed containers, arcade-style gaining stations. Activated street ends will better connect the Coney Island community to the historic amusements district with new seating, shade, and a pedestrian-only area, closed off to cars.

Stay Tuned for more!

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