Fixed Date Luna Pass

Fixed Date Luna Pass Is In The Books!

Plan your perfect Luna Park gateway without any worries about waiting on lines. A full day of head spinning rides and entertainment in Luna Park is just a click away!

Your Fixed Date Luna Pass offer savings up to 41% for a specific date!

  • Guests 48″ and over will enjoy unlimited fun on all attractions with the exception of Coney Island Raceway and Sling Shot (one entitlement for each ride)
  • Guests Under 48″ will enjoy an unlimited experience on high, moderate and mild rides.  (Extreme thrills rides are not included)


Under 48 inches: $42
48 inches & Over: $69


  • Don’t miss our seasonal event Halloween Harvest! Enjoy your visit & add-on the Halloween Harvest package including pumpkin picking, face painting, tractor racing and more!
  • Upgrade your visit to Luna Park with our special meal packages! Featuring Slider Meal, Pizza Meal, Hot Dog Meal or a Beef Taco Meal.


Fixed Date Luna Pass does not include Halloween Harvest.

Buy Fixed Date Luna Pass Now and redeem it at any ticket booth upon your arrival. Welcome to Luna Park, we can’t wait to see you experience the unforgettable moments of this season! Fixed Date Luna Pass may not be purchased on the same day of visit.

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