#LunaTips to Stay Safe & Have Fun While Playing PokémonGo

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PokémonGo is all the rage right now. And while we’re excited that you can catch so many in Luna Park and even battle out here (#ThunderboltNYC), we still want you to have the best experience possible while visiting us. Here are a few tips to make sure you make the most of your adventure, your phone stays intact, and you stay safe in the process.

Look up once in awhile.

We know it can be difficult to notice your surroundings when you’re deep in the game, but it’s important to look up once in awhile to make sure you don’t run into anything (ouch) or wander into a restricted area (uh oh).  Which leads to;

Rep your team.

Are you on Team Mystic? Maybe you’re on Team Valor? Or is it Team Instinct? Whatever the team, represent with photos in front of our Team Signs, located all throughout the park. Share your photos with us using #PokemonatLuna/

Stay out of restricted areas.


Sometimes these little guys show up in some of the most random and unexpected places. Some of those places may not be safe.This is why we ask that you stay out of restricted areas (DO NOT ENTER). No game is worth getting hurt over.

Put your phone away on the rides.


It’s tempting, we know. But keeping your phones put away is the best way to ensure it doesn’t get lost/damaged (cracked phones are sad phones), or that it doesn’t fly and hurt someone else. Need a place to store your stuff while you ride? Try one of our lockers, located next to Luna 360 or near Soarin’ Eagle.

Stay hydrated & bring on the block!





New York City has had some record high temperatures this summer, and they don’t seem to be going down any time soon. Make sure you stay hydrated and pack on the sunblock! Water can be purchased at any of our Foods locations and sunblock can be purchased at our all-new retail shop, Last Stop Coney Island, located directly across from Air Race.

Better with friends.


Coney Island and Luna Park can get crowded at times (hello Summer) and we definitely don’t want guests to get lost. Ride and play in groups and avoid going off alone. Your experience will be more fun with friends and you’ll have someone to help you stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

Organize a group hunt!

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We know that playing with friends is better, so why not organize a group hunt? Gather a group of 20 or more and set out on a giant hunt to catch ’em all.  Enjoy rides & add on food packages at discounted rates! Contact our Groups team for more info at today!


So keep these #LunaTips in mind to have an awesome experience playing PokémonGo and enjoying Luna Park in Coney Island. Good luck and happy hunting!



*Present One Free Ride offer to Guest Services, located in the park. Valid only day of. Excludes Extreme Thrill Rides & B&B Carousell. Not valid on weekends, holidays & blackout dates.