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Coney Island Raceway

go_kartsRace to Luna Park for the Best Go-Karts in Coney Island
A favorite attraction for families, friends, couples and competitors, the Coney Island Raceway is built for those who feel the need for speed. Grab a partner or ride solo on our 24-cart track where the thrill of high-speed racing comes to life at the beach in Brooklyn. Get behind the wheel of a quick and maneuverable gas-powered go-kart and test your driving skills over a 900-foot racecourse complete with switchback curves and hairpin turns as you race toward the finish line.

Ride Info

Credits for drivers12
Credits for passengers4
Minimum height to ride as driver56''
Minimum height to ride as passenger40''

Looking for a nearby place for family attractions in NYC? Come out to Luna Park for a joyride on the Coney Island Raceway, where there’s never a traffic jam and speeding is highly encouraged!