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Coney Island Hang Glider

coney_island_hang_gliderAn Experience That Sends Spirits Soaring!
For those who wish to glide through the air like a bird (in a totally safe environment) the Coney Island Hang Glider is truly an uplifting experience. Feel the anticipation of flight build, as you lay flat down on our signature two-passenger gondolas designed to replicate the exhilarating sensation of hang gliding. Soak it all in as you travel in wave-like oscillating motions, swooping through the sky as if rising and falling on currents of air before setting a course for home and coming in for a perfect landing.

Ride Info

Credits needed4
Minimum height to ride if alone42''
Minimum height to ride if accompanied36''

Take to the sky on an amusement attraction that simulates the experience of hang gliding in Brooklyn! Ride it today at Luna Park, the place in NYC for family fun!